Universal Seat Belt Extender

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100% high strength polyester

1. product performance: insert and open the product repeatedly to see if there are any sticking and unsmooth phenomena. good products can be inserted and opened smoothly (compared with your own car), and the button part of the tried products is still bright.

2. The thickness of the belt is between 1mm and 1.2mm. (1mm is required by the national standard and 1.2mm is required by the European standard). The thickness of the mounting plate of the mounting screw is 3mm. There is a plastic pad at the connection between the belt and the iron to protect the belt from damage

3, the number of sewing stitches should be more, and the tension of sewing thread should be large.

4, pattern sewing line head treatment beautiful.

5. There is no bright surface of water chestnut on the buckle, and it will not fade after repeated insertion and opening

Product specification:

total length: 23cm, width: 47mm, thickness: 1.13MM, socket width: 21.5mm

Package includes:

1Pcs seat extension belt