Snow Ice Scraper

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Snow removal brush head: ABS high-strength plastic, PVC brush wire is resistant to low temperature and not easy to break

Snow removal head: Made of ABS high-strength plastic casting, hard and firm

Handle design: EVA foam, good flexibility and elasticity, anti-aging, anti-crack, no ice hand in winter, the groove design that fits the fingers is more comfortable to hold, the handle is a high-quality aluminum rod, high strength, toughness it is good

The combination of shovel and sweep is convenient and practical.

In addition to removing snow and frost from cars, it can also sweep electric vehicles, bicycles, and houses covered by heavy snow, glass doors and windows, etc.



1. Hold the handle of the frost shovel tightly so that the shovel head is close to the windshield;

2. The rear side of the shovel head and the glass form an angle of 10-70 degrees;

3. Move up and down or side to side to remove frost.


Material: PEVA sponge + aluminum tube

Color: Black; Orange; Red (optional)

Size: ≈24*66*11.5cm

Quantity: 1pcs; 2pcs