Memory Foam Car Neck and Lumbar Pillow

$28.95 $38.95

[Product Features]]:

* Skin friendly and soft fabric.

* The occipital surface fits the human cervical spine bending,soft memory cotton core

* Filling memory cotton, odorless, soft with resilient touch, slow rebound memory version, make the whole memory cotton product more excellent.

* Pillow + support + shoulder pads, integrated support, scientific neck support, make the cervical spine more relaxed.

* Three-dimensional design to fill the waist gap.

* Fits right into the lumbar spine. The height of the lumbar spine corresponds to the waist area of the human body. Fill the space between the waist and the seat.

* Fit with the car seat cushion, not easy to shift. Occasionally twist the waist, will not shift and slide.