Magnetic Car Holder

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Color Name: black

Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS + magnetic disc

1. High stability: The rubidium magnetic iron ring design is adopted, which can firmly attach the mobile phone to the laptop or the vehicle mounted multimedia display screen. The closed magnetic field will not affect the mobile phone signal, so you can work without worry and drive with confidence. Double folding+double rotation, the viewing angle can be adjusted at will. Slightly damped shaft connecting rod joint, driving without shaking and abnormal noise; Universal rotating ball, 360 ° arbitrary rotation. Flexible swing and contraction.
2. Magnetic holder for iPhone: Specially designed for iPhone 14 series, for iPhone 13 series, for iPhone 12 Pro Max, for iPhone 12 Mini and other phones with magnetic suction function.
3. Double screen interaction: When in office use, the mobile phone screen and the laptop screen are on the same plane, so there is no need to look down at the mobile phone screen to view messages, so as to improve work efficiency; When driving, there is no need to look down at the navigation, and driving safety is guaranteed. It does not occupy the position of the air outlet and the center console. It can be used with a suspension screen and does not block the air conditioning wind; The center console can be placed, the slide rail design can adjust the distance of the bracket at will, and the touch screen operation is more convenient. It can be installed on the vehicle mounted display of for Tesla 3&Y and other special models of central control large screen.
4. Concealed folding design: Push to hide and fold to store, without hindering the driving vision; Small and mini, no occupy space. Lengthened aluminum alloy pull rod shaft, easy to operate with one hand, adjustable, hidden and more beautiful.
5. High quality traceless adhesive: The bottom is pasted with traceless double-sided adhesive, which will not damage the car; The back glue can be pasted and used for many times, which is stable and does not leave traces.

Color: dark grey
Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS + magnetic disc
Process: CNC + anode + assembly
Scope of application:
It is suitable for iPhone 12/13/14 series. Other models need to be used with the attached magnetic ring
Suitable for MackBook and other laptops
Suitable for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S and other central control large screen vehicles
Size: 130x60mm/5.12x2.36in
Weight: 135g