Car Sensor Light for Trunk

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Emitting Color


Item Type: Atmosphere Lamp

Material Type: Aluminum alloy

Special Features: Human body induction

Model Name: D40766

Voltage: 5V


Name: Sensor light



Material:Aluminum alloy

Service life:60-90days

Battery capacity:280/400/400mA

Light color:White

Number of lamp beads:6/10/14


1.This product is in cycle switch mode,and the induction lamp flashes for 3 times to enter the human body induction mode;induction mode needs to be in low brightness environment to trigger the start.

2.The charging voltage is DC5V,which can connected to the computer or mobile power by USB cable.When charging,the red light is on,and when full,the green is on.

3.The bottom of the product is attached with a magnet,which can be directly adsorbed on the iron object,or can be used to stick the iron sheet.

4.Multifunctional application, which can be used for reading lamp, finding objects, trunk lamp, auxiliary lighting, etc.