Car Glass Oil Film Removing

$26.95 $28.95

Color: 202220-50ML


Special Features: Oil Film Removing

Glass coat: anti rain

Glass cleaner: Oil film remover

 Surface Prep For Rain Repellent

Enhances Night And Wet Weather Visibility And Improves Driver Safety MakesWindshield Wipers Perform Better.

 Eliminate Glare

Enhances Night And WetWeather Visibility And ImprovesDriver Safety.

 Wide Range Of Application

It can clean the front and rear glass , windowglass , rear-view mirror , indoor glass table top ,etc . of the vehicle . It can be cleanedimmediately after wiping.

 Friendly Tips:

1、Clean the wiper rubber strip to prevent the dirt on the rubber strip from polluting the clean glass again.

2、The water and products are evenly spread without gathering, and there is no oil film on the glass surface, indicating that the oil film has been removed.