Car Tire Inflator Pump

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Power (W): 60W

Voltage (V): 7.4V

Cylinder block: 17 cylinders

Air flow rate: 21L/min

Name: Multifunctional Inflation Pump
Cylinder block: 17 cylinders
Material: ABS
Air flow rate: 21L/min
Lighting: yes
Output power: 60 (W)
Rated voltage: DC7.4 (V)
Packing list:
1 x air pump
1 x inflatable nozzle
1 x charging cable
4 x inflatable nozzles
1 x user manual


1.Fast Inflator: Powerful airflow pressurization, utilizing the anti principle, the airflow is pressurized through the trachea to enhance inflation power, which increases air speed by 200%, making it easy and fast to replenish air.

2.Heat Dissipation: Intelligent AI pressure measurement wireless inflation pump, safety temperature control, better protection of tires. Triple heat dissipation system with external hole shape for fast heat dissipation.

3.Low Noise: Equipped with dedicated shock absorbers, dual noise reduction, with a structural frequency as low as 40DB, reducing mechanical noise.

4.Easy To Use: One click preset tire pressure, connected to the air nozzle, automatic detection of tire pressure, accurate and accurate, fully automatic shutdown. And with LED lighting for convenient night ventilation.

5.Feature: High precision sensing chip, precise pressure measurement, and safe tire protection. Small and portable, wireless fast charging, easy to store.