Car Memory Foam Neck Pillow and Backrest

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• Memory Foam Material :Made of memory foam material, this neck pillow provides customized support and comfort for your neck and back.

• Lumbar Backrest Cushion :The lumbar backrest cushion provides extra support to your lower back, reducing strain and discomfort during long drives. 

• Car Headrest Cushion :The headrest cushion provides a comfortable and supportive resting place for your head, reducing fatigue and neck pain.

• Protection Function :The neck pillow provides protection against whiplash and other injuries caused by sudden movements during driving.

• Memory foam material:The pillow is made of memory foam material that conforms to the shape of your neck and back, providing maximum support and comfort. 

• Lumbar backrest cushion :The pillow acts as a lumbar backrest cushion, helping to reduce strain on your back and preventing long-term damage.

• Car headrest cushion :The pillow can be used as a car headrest cushion, providing additional support and comfort during long drives.

• Protection for your neck :The pillow provides protection for your neck, preventing strain and injury caused by poor posture or long hours of driving.


 Material: breathable fabric

Filling: memory foam

Lumbar cushion/headrest

Colour: black, grey, brown

Headrest size: 31*13.3*19.5cm

Lumbar cushion size: 42.8*34*6cm